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27-02-07, 00:31
My mom was asking me about the Wii today and whether we should get one or not. Personally, I've never really had an interest in the Wii...but did I make a mistake in telling her I'd rather not get one? I mean...I haven't really played one yet...but there really isn't any good games that tweek my interest.

27-02-07, 00:57
If your now thinking off getting one, then YES, you did said it wrong. But there are going to be alot of cool games for it. I think. I don't have a Wii and i don't need or want one, because i have my laptop where i play my games on. But if you really thinking that you want one, then i should go back to your mom and say it. She will understand... Make sure you have a good reason for getting one..... But i cant tell you what to do..

Camera Obscura
27-02-07, 01:04
There's no way we can tell you whether or not you should get it, mostly because fanboys/bashers will try to force their opinions on you. Why don't you try checking out what titles are going to be released on the Wii? If you don't like any of them then don't buy it, or if you like the games you see, then go for it. :)

www.gamespot.com (http://www.gamespot.com)
www.ign.com (http://www.ign.com)
www.1up.com (http://www.1up.com)

27-02-07, 01:05
If there are no games which are interesting you at the minute, wait a while to see if you change your mind, will also be cheaper so your not really loosing out.

Atlantean Natla
27-02-07, 01:07
To be honest, I don't think the Wii is really worth it. My cousin has one, and he says that its more over-rated. But I don't know. Its not really something that I would rush out and grab.


27-02-07, 01:10
Its not really something that I would rush out and grab.

Only when it's TR... lol

27-02-07, 01:21
Hmm...yeah. Uh...thanks for your imputs. I deffinately think I'm going to save for the PS3 and wait instead of getting a Wii.

P.S. It was way cooler and sounded way better when it was called the Nintendo Revolution.