View Full Version : Wii Versions of Nintendo Classics?

28-02-07, 16:55
Can I safely assume Nintendo will develop Wii versions of Mariokart, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf etc? I certainly hope so... Super Smash Brothers Brawl is on the cards. I'm worried Nintendo won't bother updating them all because of the VC.


Zelda master
28-02-07, 17:19
Nintendo said once to trie put every Nintendo game on the VC...
And dont worry Nintendo deffinantly still supports Mariokart(i dunno about golf and tennis)

28-02-07, 18:12
I can't wait for mario kart - but i haven't heard any announcememts at all yet about it! ):

Night Crawler
01-03-07, 14:14
I think there will definatly be a Mario Kart for Wii, hopefully with online play, like Mario Kart DS. They'd be stupid not to make it seeing as it's one of their biggest sellers. I just hope they don't screw up the controls and give you the option to play using either a Gamecube or classic controller.

It'll probably be announced this summer as that's usually when all the big games are announced.

01-03-07, 16:44
A Wii version of Mario Tennis is a must! I'm hoping Nintendo will consult me on the best features to use from previous installments. What are the chances?


01-03-07, 17:52
there had better be chrono trigger and super mario rpg on the wii or there'll be hell to pay!