View Full Version : The "Dreams" thread!

01-03-07, 16:49

I had a so nice dream yesterday...
We (all TRF members and some friends of mine) were in a TR:A party, and it was great, we were singing and talking and...I were with the person I'm in love wif!!! I don't rememer have met this person yet! It was like I'm dreaming in my dream!
So, I thought I have to make a thread about this to see what dreams you guys had, I mean, how happy/sad your dreams were and do they reflect something you feel or show a person you want to meet, or just normal dreams...And how weird your dream were! :D

01-03-07, 19:04
I get strange dreams.. Completely random..

And also not forgetting the dreams where I end up doing obseen things with obseen people :mis::mis:

01-03-07, 19:37
I had this dream, were I was the ONLY one who was playing TRA and I said here on TRF: "I'm playing the new TR!" and someone said: "The next-gen TR?" I was very confused, I said "No, TRA" he: "But isn't even out yet!"
I said "Well, I'm the only one" and then I woke up :D

01-03-07, 19:47
I had a dream the other night, so, so weird. It wasn't actually a 'dream' I think :confused: anyways, I was asleep (But I could see myself sleeping?) and there was this boy hugging me while I was sleeping. It seemed so real!

01-03-07, 20:20
As of lately I've been having dreams of the most wonderful person I've ever talked to, and they are usually very....well yeah you get it ;)

I also have very disturbing, off the wall nightmares....But 80% of the time I cant remember dreaming but not remember anything, or just not dream at all. :D

01-03-07, 20:22
I had a dream about my tutor group's assembly last night (the assembly was this morning).

Well, I say 'dream'.... :rolleyes: