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01-03-07, 22:46
The forums at Codejunkies.com NEVER EXISTED (http://us.codejunkies.com/home_forums.asp?c=US&cr=USD&cs=$&r=0&l=1) since...that's why I posted here.
Who has ACTION REPLAY MAX for the PS2 This is based on NTSC-U/C (North American Version) and I have the pure regular edition - not the EVO or the one that came with the 16MB card - nothing like that. just the cheat disc and the MAX MEDIA CREATOR (which was useless..).

I often don't use this for cheats - only when I need to - like FOR EXAMPLE, my memory card corrupted and is officially broken and formatting it is impossible and DARN IT I HAVE TO START OVER ALLL MY GAAAAAAMES!!!!:hea: :hea: :hea: :hea: BUT I dun wanna go through the PAIN again so I decide I'm gonna use this cheat disc.

So yeah I need help. It happens that my cheat disc hasn't pre-loaded the games I have today.

I don't have broadband

I have a USB

My (brother's) Memory Card

I got MAX DRIVE on my computer

So yeah I got the latest Codelist (version 1495) is that right? Otherwise I'm wrong.

Can someone please upload from their memory card their CHEAT CODELIST so I can use them for my games:(? I don't know how to update via USB DRIVE - Codejunkies.com (www.codejunkies.com) is seriously out of hand when it comes to support - asking them through e-mail NEVER gets through.

Look at the instructions when updating codelist via USB
(http://us.codejunkies.com/support_article_detail.asp?c=US&cr=USD&cs=$&r=0&l=1&p=1&i=54&g=2&ProdId=2), which I simply don't get other then having the old and new version (I have the OLD).

So anyone help me?

Either upload their cheatcode list as a memory saved PS2 data


Tell me how to update via USB please:(

02-03-07, 04:30
do you not know how to use a usb drive? well stick your usb in the usb port of course then a program should pop up fopr it. use your max drive and get the latest codes. it should be stored in your local c drive in program files called datel look for your latest codes in their. once you find it... copy it and then paste it in the program for your usb drive. than take out your usb drive... inset it into your ps2. after this click on the codes icon ( where it takes you to all the games with the codes. let your usb drive upload the latest cheats that way and after that you have your latest codes. if you already knew that.. than i wrote this for no reason lol.

02-03-07, 13:04
Yes I already knew that-_- What I'm trying to say is that that way does not work. CAn you upload your cheat codelist for me:(? And what format is it? is it BIN 'cause mine is...

02-03-07, 14:23
Are Ps1 cheat code compatible with PS2 Action replay?

02-03-07, 17:31
Nope. I wish. 'cause I have a lot of RPG games I want to replay...or reformat my PS1 memory card and start them over too:(

02-03-07, 21:09
i can upload the new codes list but where do i upload it?

03-03-07, 00:25
..good question..say what's the current codelist version? Um..upload it to MEGAUPLOAD or something...I'm not sure lol.

03-03-07, 16:54
try this

05-03-07, 10:33
Are Ps1 cheat code compatible with PS2 Action replay?

I dont think so.:(

06-03-07, 00:33
try this
GAH sorry! I never realized you replied! For some reason I never got an e-mail notification and DARN I just returned my friends USB port. I'll try it tomorrow and thanks:D:tmb:
But before I do it can you do the step by step instructions on how to do this? Like CODEJUNKIES.com's instructions ARE NOT CLEAR to me.

Like What do I do if I put it on the USB drive and yaddiyada..can you explain to me in a step-by-step way:(? So sorry to ask.

Like I did what it said but maybe I'm not doing it right.
If you own the older version of Action Replay MAX which comes with a code card/dongle then you will need to download the code list onto a standard PS2 memory card - the basic Action Replay MAX code card/dongle cannot be used as a PS2 memory card. The current instruction manual does not make this clear. Once you've transferred the code list to a memory card using MAX Drive, load Action Replay MAX with both the memory card and your code card/dongle inserted into your PS2's memory card slots. Action Replay will search for the newest code list and use it.
Source (http://us.codejunkies.com/support_article_detail.asp?c=US&cr=USD&cs=$&r=0&l=1&p=1&i=54&g=2&ProdId=2)

06-03-07, 06:30
insert the usb in to the computer
open max drive ps2 computer software
click AR max code list the code list will download on the usb
take out the usb and insert it in the ps2 with the ar max ps2 cd
select expert mode and the new code list from the usb should load


08-03-07, 21:56
Thanks:DGonna try that now:D (GEEZ I dunno why I'm not getting any e-mail notifications on this thread-
I just happened to luckily have found it here:D)


say uh..what version of ARMAX do you have? I have the version that doesn't come with anything other then the cheat disc itself...

09-03-07, 16:17
ar max evo the one with the usb