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03-03-07, 07:09
Hi, I have made a short edit of the Law and Order SVU Theme, I hope you all like it


I am currently working on an episode where Lara solves a mysterious rape case involving Kurtis Trent ;) I wont give it away too much though.

Dont be worried, our Dear Lara doesnt get hurt in anyway, but she may hurt feelings though... :D

03-03-07, 12:46
What a brilliant idea Mizuno! :tmb:

03-03-07, 13:45
Thanks Titanium. :wve:

Yes, Its been an idea of mine for a while,

kill bill
03-03-07, 13:54
Thats Good! :tmb:

Lara Croft!
03-03-07, 15:51
Very nice!!!!I can't wait for the Kurtis one!!!