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TR freak
03-03-07, 22:00
The wii is my first nintendo console. Zelda TP was my first nintendo game (not counting wii sports). I was completely blown away by twilight princess and its the second best game I've ever played behind the masterpiece that is GTA San Andreas. I enjoyed TP so much I decided to have my first VC game be Zelda Ocarina of time. Here are my first impressions. I haven't played it very much yet and I'm still in the great deku tree. I'm basicly up to the boss in that dungeon but I had to switch it off before I attempted the boss. So far I'm pretty happy with it. It has great gameplay that is very similar to twilight princess. The game has started out better than TP started out. Ordan village in TP was VERY boring imo because the gameplay is so slow. OOT gets you into the game quicker than TP. I mean the first dungeon is almost straight away. The controls aren't the best in the world. TP controls are far superior, and not just because of motion sensing and precision aiming with wii pointer. I've gotten used to the controls now, but I can help but wish they were better. All in all, first impressions of this are far better than my first impressions of TP. Its looking great so far. I doubt it will be anywhere near as good a game as TP but it seems like I'm really going to love this game. I have no doubt, even though I've only played it once so far, that this game will have stood the test of time. Obviously the graphics are dated but the gameplay is good enough you dont even notice. I'm not a graphics person anyway. The one flaw so far is controls.

03-03-07, 22:57
May I congratulate you on choosing such a good game. :tmb:

It may be dated now but when it was released it was groundbreaking. And for the controls, well I really liked them with the N64 controller. :)

Night Crawler
04-03-07, 01:50
I'm currently playing Ocarina of Time for the first time too! :)

04-03-07, 01:57
Congrats :tmb: I remember when the first Legend of Zelda was considered ground breaking. If you want to try a hard game, try The Adventures of Link. The graphics are obviously quite dated but that was one hard game.:)

04-03-07, 02:11
Ocarina of Time is easily, and will probably always be, my favorite game, of all time, ever. I have completed that game from opening scene to closing credits more times than I can even remember, and its still awesome to me.

I just today picked up Twilight Princess, have been playing for 5 hours and am very, very much impressed. I'm loving the return to OOT style :D Wind Waker was great and all, but this is "true" Zelda to me.

04-03-07, 03:35
Get the SNES Zelda - A link to the the past, it is the best to date ;)

04-03-07, 04:41
Nothing will beat OOT! I loved TP but it did not held the same class when it came to gameplay I think. The graphic was of course superior ;) ;) Oh and I played OOT on n64 and TP on Gamecube. No difference from Wii except the controls (Which i do NOT like hehe) and that everything is mirrored...

And yes, windwaker was great too but I'm really glad they are back in OOT style again hehe.

Btw, the only zelda game I have not finished was Mahjora's mask..I fantastic adventure but the gameplay sucked...I have seen movies of people speedrunning it though, and if you are in for some hardcore adventuring and don't want to endure all the irritating things in that game...watch instead of playing heeh ;)

Good luck with OOT...You will not regret playing it!!

04-03-07, 12:13
I have once played it but there is a bug that stopped me to play it.
Since that day,I never played it anymore.

04-03-07, 12:14
Sigh, I feel like I'm the only person to ever find this Zelda game boring.
A Link to the Past is so much better I think. :(