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05-03-07, 22:16
Well dare I say... I think we have found a substitue for Tomb Raider :p Lol!

No really this game by has has more strategic elements than TR; Almost on par with Metal Gear Solid. Its a hybraid of MGS and Advent rising per say actually Lol! Only the main protagonist doesn't look like a stick figure :p.

Amazing game engine and well... yes there is gore; Lots of it. There were times that even I flintced and well... apart from decapitations I am kinda used to all the VG violence.

Well you get to try first hand all these nifty Psi-powers. Telekenetics, Pyrokenetics, Remote Vision, Mind control and Mind drain. Well either than or you can go all Tomb Raider on everyone and just unload you gun Lol!

Amazing Story. I am so not gonna kill it for ya bunch.

Play it.

P.S. There is also this cool Music Video by cold called "With My Mind" that highlights a few features in the game. Give it a watch.








05-03-07, 22:44
I have a demo of this game. It's getting a little old now but it is truly awesome. I never got around to buying the full game but I played the demo over and over an over.

Levitating enemies and hurling them into fan blades just never gets old!

05-03-07, 22:54
Get the full game. You won't be disappointed. You have yet to try out mind control. Its just... awesome! Imagine taking control of an enemy sniper on a roof top and using him to take out all his pals on the ground. I know... cruel but really good interms of game play Lol!

05-03-07, 22:57
I might see if I can pick it up somewhere for cheap :)