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06-03-07, 04:12
Anyone know any good vampire games? I got buffy and bloodrayne 2 and was thinking of getting #1, but other than bloodrayne and buffy does anyone know of any good vampire games?

06-03-07, 04:13
Hmmm...the only vampire games I play are Buffy, but you've already stated that you have those. Is Bloodrayne any good?

06-03-07, 04:15
bloodrayne is very good it's so much fun to kill people and chop their bodies up :D

Eddie Haskell
06-03-07, 04:30
In Morrowind and Oblivion there are Vampires (and Werewolves), and you can become one of them. In Oblivion you look pretty sick as a vampire I'll tell you. You even have to drink blood all the time in graphic detail.

06-03-07, 04:41
I have Oblivion I wouldn't consider that a vampire game. I mean something that you kill vampires in or you are one.

Eddie Haskell
06-03-07, 04:45
I have Oblivion I wouldn't consider that a vampire game. I mean something that you kill vampires in or you are one.

Nor would I. I simply pointed out that it had vampires and vampirism in it. However, you can be a vampire and kill vampires in it.

06-03-07, 07:10
I know some realy realy good vampire games

Vampire the Masquerade-Redemption
It's a fantastic RPG it's all about vampires:D

Legacy of Kain-Defiance
Soul Reaver
Soul Reaver II
Blood Omen II
Blood Omen
In these games you will surely feel like a vampire :D especialy,when you are playing as a Kain.He has got telekynesis,sharp blade,and he is always hungry:D :D .Defiance,Blood Omen,Vampire the Masquerade and BloodRayne gives you the best vampire feeling ever.

06-03-07, 11:03
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines ranks among the most enjoyable games i have ever played, a truly excellent rpg. make sure you get the unofficial patch (2.8 i think is the latest) for a significant ammount of extra content if you do get it.

06-03-07, 12:01
I hate vampires because of their weakness(exposure to the sun).:o

06-03-07, 17:45
That's a myth in a myth...sunlight isnt really a weakness, it won't kill them, but they won't be as powerfull as they normally are, it's more of an annoyance to them

06-03-07, 17:56
Definitely try the Legacy of Kain series - great games, vampire or not!