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06-03-07, 17:34
Post what PC games you'd like the clan to play. :tmb:

06-03-07, 17:42
Unreal Tournament 2004
Guild Wars (Nightfall)
America's Army
Quake 4

Lara Lover
06-03-07, 17:46
UT2004. :tmb:

06-03-07, 18:04
UT2004 for me too.

06-03-07, 18:05

06-03-07, 18:08
Ut 2004


06-03-07, 18:13
Guild Wars (original)

06-03-07, 19:58
Need For Speed Carbon,Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse

06-03-07, 20:08
UT2004 :tmb:

06-03-07, 21:07
:yik: I still have that Unreal demo from that Xmas party we had, so I wouldn't mind UT2004 once in a while :tmb:

06-03-07, 21:08
Guild Wars (original)

Same for me. ;)

06-03-07, 22:56

06-03-07, 22:57
I'd really like some advice to which games to buy on PC. These threads ideas were great Grace.

08-03-07, 22:06
Ut 2004 :wve:

09-03-07, 20:58
halo pc, or cs, if I see a trf clan i'll be sure to snipe you ;)

14-03-07, 03:11
This ever gonna happen?

15-03-07, 01:38
Alright. Unreal Tournament 2004 is a go. Demo and fullversion servers will be used.

But we'll need a few more games other than UT, and there haven't been many suggestions in here (although there were dozens of votes for PC in the clan poll thread - did people just vote for the sake of it or did they really mean it? If you voted for PC, PLEASE post here what games you'd like the clan to play)

15-03-07, 09:07
next to UT2004....maybe Call Of Duty 2?

15-03-07, 09:37

Counter strike...A so great game! ANd it doesn't need to be explained

Warcraft3: the frozen throne. Inside, you can find(I mean, download) a mod called Dota(defence of the ancients).
In this dota there's two teams, the Scourge and the Sentinel. The aim is easily, to destroy the other teams base.
A member in a team can choose a hero, the hero he'll play with will gain level and money for the enemy units he kills, these units are controled by the AI.
The money you'll gain, will allow you to buy multiple things for your hero to improve his powers and abilities according to his gender (Strength hero, agility hero and intelligence hero)
And also, when he gains level, a hero will learn more abilities.

http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/7383/13831194tj4.th.jpg (http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=13831194tj4.jpg)

This mod is one of the greatest online games I've played ever!
If there's any Dota players here(I'm afraid not, seeing all these UT posts), just wink!;)

P.S. There's also another mod for Naruto fans called "Naruto wars".

16-03-07, 12:14
UNmodded games please. I want folk to be able to go to the game shop and just grab the right game straight off the shelf, otherwise they probably won't bother joining in. ;)

Jack Croft
16-03-07, 17:45
Guild Wars , Prophecies , Factions and Nightfall and the New one eye of North for when it comes out!

17-03-07, 01:02
UNmodded games please. I want folk to be able to go to the game shop and just grab the right game straight off the shelf, otherwise they probably won't bother joining in. ;)

But it's sooo easy!
All what you have to do, is to download a 3mb map and put it inside the game's directory! :confused:

For more info here a site when you can find, besides dota, many other mini-games maps. www.epicwar.com

11-04-07, 19:32
For me :
Far Cry
Battlefield 2142

30-04-07, 18:17
Well, I'm ready for Guild Wars (prophecies) any time then.