View Full Version : FAO: Gaming Clan PS3 Players

06-03-07, 17:37
There aren't enough of you guys yet to get started, sorry. I wasn't sure what the numbers would be for active gamers on the PS3 but they're not really high enough to make it worthwhile having a clan for this system. However, check back once the PS3's been released in Europe and you can list your games then. :)

06-03-07, 18:43
Poor poor PS3 players :mis: :( :D

06-03-07, 18:46

Agent 47
06-03-07, 18:48
i think PS3 gamers have better things to do than run around a game world screaming "pwned" "kill him,kill him n00bs"

no way is my PS3 going online :jmp:

Legend of Lara
06-03-07, 18:49
I'll definetely check back. :D

06-03-07, 23:01
its ok. i understand :( lol jk. there a some pretty cool games!

06-03-07, 23:03
How many members do you think it'd need to become a clan? Ten or more?

06-03-07, 23:05
4 or more IMO. i luv my ps3! best gift ever.