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07-03-07, 12:34
I have noticed lately that a few new releases are no longer $50... like okami I heard my friend bought it for like 40 when it came out, and I have been seeing a lot of prices for anniversary being around $39.99 on sites and such... Are the prices on all games basically dropping for PS2 since the PS3 is out or are they just the price set by the one who release the product?

Just wanted to see if my theory is correct... or if im just loony xD

07-03-07, 13:21
Not in Norway. I went to a store called "Space world" to see if I could get my hands on Canis Canem Edit/Bully. But the price:mad: 600 NOK (96$), but maybe in the US and other countries the prices are starting to drop. And the PS3 is not out here yet. That may be a factor too.

07-03-07, 14:20
I've noticed a price drop in PS2 games, too. They used to be 40, but most new games are 30-35, which is a good thing. :p

07-03-07, 16:25
i got marvel ultimate alliance for $40. and when i pre-ordered TR:A they said it was gonna be $30. i guess they're worried that people won't buy them at the old price.

Ward Dragon
07-03-07, 16:32
TRA is going to be $30 here for all three platforms. I know FFVII Dirge of Cerberus was selling for $50 when it came out (I wanted to get it but didn't yet). I think Kingdom Hearts 2 was also $50, but I saw it the other day (new) for $30. Most of the used games are less than $20.