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18-06-03, 10:24
I have made progress with my secrets so far, but retrieving the 2nd secret on the 13th floor was difficult. I was told by someone to pop a cap off the guard-but i don't really know how to pop a cap off a guard. how is this done?

18-06-03, 11:47
If you're in the room after getting the 2nd secret you need to combine the chloroform and the cloth and sneak up on the guard with it. If you try and kill this guard by shooting at him another guard will enter the room so it best using the chloroform. To kill these guards use the lasersight on your hk gun and aim for his face.

24-06-03, 12:51
Yes, the tip you've given has no association with what i just said. i asked for a tip on getting the secret on the 13th floor and not to complete that part of the game. I was told by one of my friends to pop a cap off the guard in the room to access the secret. but instead, i keep killing him making me start the whole thing over and over again. to be frank with you, i still don't know what to do. i plan to wait as long as it takes, just to get my hand on that secret. if anyone is here please help my problems. thanks anyways.

24-06-03, 14:10
"Pop a Cap" on someone means to shoot them. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/violent.gif

24-06-03, 14:25
Im sorry but Im very confused about what your friend has told you. Killing the guard has nothing to do with the second secret.
The second secret is in the ducts with the explosions.
And you do not have to kill this guard by "popping the cap off" you use the chloroform.

24-06-03, 14:35
Just kill the sleeping guard, go about your business then use the Access Code Disk. ;)

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27-06-03, 12:32
enough said guys. I undersand now rommie. it was a mistake. i mean't the third secret not the second. Sorry guys, but i have done it now. COOL ;)

27-06-03, 12:34
Good stuff Hugoboss ;)