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12-03-07, 15:11
I am really sorry if this thread has been put up before(i know it most probably has)
But i am really stuck on the Gold Rewards In Legend for ps2.

i have the one in the 1st leven above the door in the room with the seesaw & crates & the one in ghana when you press the pressure plate & instead of going to the boss go to the floor where the tiger was!

im sorry if your thinking 'god sake another repeat thread'

but i am getting to the point where i will throw my controller at the screen lol


Tomb Raider Master
12-03-07, 15:13
If you're stuck with rewards, you can check the walkthrough (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr7/walkthrough/index.html).

12-03-07, 15:21
Thank you :D x:)

14-03-07, 16:03
Hands up - I admit it!

I've just used the walkthrough to find my three missing rewards. Sorry, I'll leave now... the gold reward in Bolivia, the gold reward and a silver reward in Nepal.