View Full Version : Tomb Raider Legend Premier Collection for the PC

14-03-07, 20:48

This new PC edition will include Tomb Raider: Legend, Lara's second outing on the big screen Cradle of Life, and the mobile game Elixir of Life. It's expected for release sometime this month.

StUdEnT rAiDeR
14-03-07, 20:53
is there somthing about anniversary aswell??? it has the booklet there :D

14-03-07, 20:54
Probably just advertising Anniversary.
But it turns out a similar thread was already posted.
Would a mod close this, please? :wve:
Sorry for the bother.

15-03-07, 03:19
oooh that thing looks so cool i really want it i hope its not like 39.99 just for that cuz i got legend for that price! can somebody answer how much its gonna be!