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21-11-00, 10:39
I have managed to get into the windmill past the red demon fish thing. I have turned the wheel on the floor numerous times - not sure what this does. I have made the jump across using the parallel bar, but cannot seem to make the jump back towards the ledge near the cogs. Help please!

21-11-00, 11:23
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by stuart:
I have managed to get into the windmill past the red demon fish thing....<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

HOW ON EARTH do you get past the big red get ? He's driving me insane !!!

21-11-00, 11:32
Swim up towards the gold patch on the floor by where the fishy thing patrols. Wait until it is swimming away from you, then swim in, and grab a coin from the gold patch of floor, swim around to the cage and your problem will be solved.

21-11-00, 12:59
When you pull the turny lever thing it raises a door across the room, which then starts to come down again. Give the lever lots of turns (i did ten) then jump across the parallel bar. Turn around and jump at the two slanted sections on the platform with the door. If the door is still open walk through. If it is almost closed, don't bother trying to crawl through do a roll and you should come out on the other side.

21-11-00, 16:11
Nice one peeps, thanks for the help.

21-11-00, 22:06
Thanks for the windmill help guys!