View Full Version : Stuck on trajans markets

08-12-01, 23:07
I am up to where i have to collect 4 icons to open gate to next stage, have collected 3 but just b4 i put it in a man congratulates me for collecting all 4, the dragons kill him i then kill the 3 dragons put the 3rd icon in and nothing happens have been throu stage heaps of times cant see what im doing wrong.

09-12-01, 06:09
I played it twice you are at the end of the level as soon as you dispence with the dragens there should be a cutsceen THE END
going on to the next stage of the game.
When i played it The other charictor inserted
the objects, and when i killed the dragon i had access to the next level. :confused:

09-12-01, 19:49
No, you must have the fourth icon. Have you killed the boss with the laser eyes? The head floating in air with gems for eyes? You have to kill him to get the fourth icon (I'm assuming that's where you're stuck.) Use the revolver and aim function to snipe off his eyes. The best place to do this is from behind the block with the hatch leading to the floor below. If that's not the problem, let me know.

10-12-01, 02:57
Thanks have now past it, didnt relize i had to kill the head

10-12-01, 04:12
Ah he slipped past the fourth icon i did that once my self.