View Full Version : State-ID for the roll out of crawlspace?

24-03-07, 10:48
I'm a devoted fan of the roll out of a crawlspace with the TR5 key combination, which TREP has enabled.

Recently I discovered that if Lara is crouching when I want her to roll out of a crawlspace she switched directly to animation 421 (roll out of crawlspace). That looks 'un-fluent' as she first is crouching and then *poof* is in the crawl position (resting on hands and knees).

So I wanted to somehow edit the state-ID of the crouch animation to activate the crouch -> crawl position change before Lara rolls out of the crawlspace so this brilliant move can be used fluently no matter if Lara is in her crawling or crouching position when the move is called.
But when I looked at animation 421 in the animation editor I discovered that the state-ID is 0 (for running).

My question is: is there a way to assign a state-ID for animation 421? Please note that I want to keep the existing key combination (jump + forward, while Lara is either crouching or crawling at the edge of a drop of a certain height).
If it's possible to change it myself via the draco modules I'm afraid that I need very detailed instructions as I haven't touched anything even looking like programming within the TREP before.

24-03-07, 17:29
If it helps, the same thing happens in TR Chronicles. ;)

This problem could easily be fixed by not allowing the animation to be called from the crouch position. This way, when you press jump+foward, pressing "foward" will make Lara go to crawling position and the the jump+foward will do its job.

Or, if it is desired to just use the jump key alone, the hardcoded stateID change added in the crouch animation should point to whatever animations are used to get Lara into the crawl position, then the jump key stateID change will do its job in the crawl animation.

I'm not sure if a user of TREP can change things like this, but if not then the creators should take care of this if they have the time. :)

27-03-07, 14:50
I assume that all of your suggestions must be done via TREP modules.

If one of them could be done via the animation editor, please tell.

I don't even know what programming language the TRLE is made in.