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kill bill
26-03-07, 15:25
the buisness channel yesterday tomb raider was on it. It was about japanese coulture and the called tomb raider a man sexually fantast omg and they said the game wouldn't sell in japan.Although the japanese manger was admring here who works in japan eidos.:) TRA was on it. And He was like oh shes so relistic blah blah blah:cln: And new fotage which i didn't have a camera at the time.Scince I went up to my mums friend house who has this big satalite dish:) Main point I saw new tra Fotage:p I had her In egypt Jumping across the poles then this jump from one place to another and omg her big jumps:jmp: then final fantasy 8 came out

26-03-07, 17:23
Darn, if only I watched the business channel, lol. Well, new footage is always good. Thanks for sharing.

kill bill
26-03-07, 21:07
It was deadly and her SFX:mis: :yik: :cool: :eek: