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31-03-07, 20:42
I bought a new phone 5 days ago, Nokia 5200. And I was wondering if there is a non-free service where I register online and can send ringtones to my cell phone?
Perhaps using Infrared, or Bluetooth.

31-03-07, 20:46
I use full songs as my ringetones. I've had Tomb Raider 1 - Colosseum Theme for months now. I find that much better than downloading and paying for them.

Tomb Raider Master
31-03-07, 20:49
Could you transfer something from your friends' mobiles?

31-03-07, 20:51
Some mobiles come with a disk that you install on your computer where you can transfer songs, didn't you get one of those?

31-03-07, 21:53
He might not have because my dad got a Motorola Razr for free (Don't ask...) from Rogers and they forgot to send him that disk with it... So dad had to get this techie guy of some sort to download it on to a manual disk and then punch it in to his hard drive. I sure hope to God that he got it because from what I've heard it's kinda hard to get your hands on a downloaded copy? (Depends on the phone, too...)

31-03-07, 22:08
Could you transfer something from your friends' mobiles?
Yes, I can. Using both Bluetooth and InfraRed light.

But I haven't got any CD with my phone.