View Full Version : Silver Reward in Assault Course of Croft Manor

31-03-07, 21:10
I don't know why I have such difficulty with this reward. It seemed so straightforward, until I actually tried to make the jump from the metal platform to the alcove above the door into the assault course to get the silver reward. I have tried this about 6-8 times and for some strange reason, I can't get Lara to jump far enough to get into the alcove. She keeps winding up on the horizontal pole below the alcove and you can't get her into any position to jump up or over into the alcove. What am I doing wrong? I bring the platform as close as possible to the alcove, then release the grapple and run and jump into the alcove as quick as I can before the platform moves too far away. Is there a secret to doing this? It just seemed so easy until I couldn't make that jump for some reason. Does anybody have any helpful suggestions? Not to mention, whenever I start over after quitting the game, I have to move a couple of things back into position with the grapple and do a lot of climbing in order to have everything in the right position and to get to the right position to reach the metal platform to get to the alcove where the silver reward is.

31-03-07, 21:19
The invisible walls/bars is one of the glitches in the Manor - Just throw the grapple on them before starting and it'll return to normal.

The only suggestions I have to get to the alcove are pull on the grapple slowly to make sure the moving platform isn't bouncing off the pole, and press down on the jump command - It'll give Lara a little extra distance.

31-03-07, 21:59
I tried just pulling the grapple once and it doesn't have a "speed" control. Just one pull brings the platform all the way over and it hits the vertical pole sticking out below the alcove and the platform immediately starts backing away from the wall. I don't know whether to unhook the grapple and then jump or just run and jump into the alcove without unhooking the grapple. Either way, I can't make it into the alcove. Should she be on the end of the platform closest to the alcove or should she be back and take a running jump at it?

31-03-07, 22:22
"Slowly" probably wasn't the best word - When I did it, I made her tug it until it hit the pole, it bounced back, and then I did one more quick tug to pull it back. That got the platform about as close as it could get to the alcove.

I always unhook the grapple before making her jump, and I usually do a running jump, holding down on the jump button while in air - Not sure if either the unhooking of the grapple or run has anything to do with successfully getting there, but I've never had a problem with it before.

01-04-07, 09:50
Its an extra long jump, so keep your finger on the jump button or she will grab the pole instead

01-04-07, 19:07
I read Stellas walkthrough and she said it could be tricky. I also watched a video on YouTube that someone so nicely posted and it showed how she jumps off right before the platform hits the pole in front of the alcove. So you position yourself facing the alcove squarely standing about in the middle of the metal platform, then grapple, pull once, ungrapple (the platform will continue to move), right before the platform hits the pole, you start running and jump, holding down the jump key. I tried it this morning and I got it on the first try. Thanks to everyone for your help. I know the forum folks are always ready to give a helping hand.