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02-04-07, 12:33
This time the entire thing has packed in! Horrah

I hardly use the desktop except when i need to do graphic work, or play games as i have my laptop ( which can prob do both, but its nice to have a decent size screen) my mum has my old pc, which is VERY old and unreliable, but doesnt have a printer that works ( she much prefers to not buy cartridges and use my ink), dad has just left his job, and has had to give his laptop back so is computer-less.

Therefore parents use my computer a lot. i have been on it since Xmas, but i to use it the other day to design something for a friends website and discovered that none of the 7 fans are working, the LCD display on the tower isn't working ( which monitors the systems temp and the fan speeds) both the graphics cards have overheated and failed ( due to the lack of fans i expect) and the sound card has blown up! ( probably also due to heat) its running ATM as i am backing it up, has been on a few hours and i swear you could cook an egg on the side of the case!

Of course no one thought to tell me about it until i mentioned it to them " oh yeah i meant to say, it stopped working weeks ago" needless to say all of the components have suffered heat damage and packed in! http://www.peugeot-cc.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/mad44.gif

Luckily its under warranty, so called Evesham to get them out to repair it, which they were more than happy to do, until i mentioned the long list of what had broken... They now are coming to pick the system up, replace the graphics and sound cards, all the fans the entire casing the LCD display and run tests on the motherboard and hardrive to see if they have suffered damage too, and if they have, replace them as well. Going to take 10 working days, and they are both now computer-less!!!

Cost to Evesham About £800.... cost to me £0 Cost of annoying my parents PRICELESS!

That'll Teach them! http://www.peugeot-cc.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif

Even better.. I'm off uni for a while for easter, and am goin away, so i wont even be here to listen to them moan, and I'm taking my laptop with me! http://www.peugeot-cc.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/wink1.gif