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02-04-07, 14:22
We all know those photo manips. that show people with wings, tails etc.
So, if you could genetically modify your body, what would you do?

I'd love some cat ears (they'd be a pain to clean, it's a small price to pay for awesome hearing) and cat eyes (I'd get rid of my glasses and finally see proper!)

And if anyone can place their idea on paper, the better.

02-04-07, 14:24
Wings:) Dragon wings that could appear from my back whenever i wanted, long thick claws from my fingers/knuckles, fangs and glowing red eyes like the g'ould in Stargate:)

Legend of Lara
02-04-07, 14:28
WINGS!!! :jmp: I wanna flyyyyyyyyyyyy... :p

02-04-07, 14:33
Sticky fingers to climb walls. :D

02-04-07, 14:41
Boy, wouldn't it be nasty to have wings and put on a t-shirt? Or even lay down for that matter. :D
I had a feeling Gecko would post in here :p

02-04-07, 14:44
Wings that come out and go back in again.. Pointy ears and ice blue/green cat eyes


02-04-07, 14:46
Retractable fairy wings!

02-04-07, 14:58
Vampire teeth, but that goes without saying, doesn't it? :D

02-04-07, 15:36
I'd rather fancy being able to morph into some of the characters I write about (no, they're not human ;)) - as long as it included their spectacular psychic abilities too :mis:

NO surprises whatsoever about Geck and Kam's choices :D

star girl
02-04-07, 15:37
A tail ;)

dox online
02-04-07, 15:42

02-04-07, 15:44
Hmm.. The first thing that came to my mind was tail, long and swingy one! :D Wings would be cool too, but nah.. o.o I'd like to try everything. :jmp:

02-04-07, 15:45
I'd like to have retractable blades coming out of my arms... but that's a tad unrealistic, isn't it?

02-04-07, 15:50

That's an ability, not a part of your body.

02-04-07, 15:51
Be able to change my physical appearance any time I wanted to :)

02-04-07, 16:45
Gills 'n' wings would come in useful... for swimmin' 'n' flyin' 'n' stuff.


02-04-07, 16:48
Be able to change my physical appearance any time I wanted to :)

Ditto :)

02-04-07, 17:01
Ditto :)

It would be so awesome, like Tonks.. just change my hair pink :p

02-04-07, 17:08
Hmm, fairy wings is a must, and some sticky hands :D