View Full Version : can someone plz help me make a myspace background with this?

02-04-07, 17:25
Click to view (http://i7.************/3ymvsia.jpg)*

*Please confine posted images to a maximum width of 800 pixels. Larger images can be posted as a link, as per my edit. Thanks.

02-04-07, 20:02
no one knows how? i don't mean to rush. sry. but if someone figures it out i also want it to where ppl can see my info to like maybe if the letters were red or white or something. thanx in advance :)

02-04-07, 20:21
Go here: http://www.myspacetoolbox.com/myspace-editor.php and put the image in the box it goes in..and then you can change the font and things in your layout.

02-04-07, 23:00
Just add this to your About Me section:

body {
background-image:url(http://i7.************/3ymvsia.jpg (http://i7.************/3ymvsia.jpg%29;));

02-04-07, 23:11
Just add this to your About Me section:
My way is better. :( *pout*