View Full Version : Gwen Stefani - Sweet Escape Tour 2007

03-04-07, 15:00
Gwen Stefani is going out on a world tour, with her "sweet escape" album!

I ordered tickets yesterday, I'm so happy about it:yah: :jmp:
I'm going with a friend and my sister:D

I was wondering if anyone else got tickets for the show ? Or maybe considering it. :)

03-04-07, 15:08
When does she come to the Uk?

03-04-07, 15:15
^She has several shows in the Uk! Tour schedule can be found HERE (http://www.gwenstefani.com/tour/):wve:


If the link doesn't work, go too www.gwenstefani.com and then "tour" :)

03-04-07, 15:28
I got asked to go to the one in Manchester but i never got round to giving my money to my friend so im not going :( lol

03-04-07, 17:59
I'd love too get tickets, but nobody will go with me:(