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03-04-07, 19:32

Has anyone seen this film?

Jacob x5
03-04-07, 19:35
Yes, I saw this film a very long time ago. I don't have much memory of it, but I can remember thinking it was very good. ;)

Edit: That clip brings back memories. :vlol:

03-04-07, 19:46
"Quickly, to the tower, to the tower of Rapunzel!"

God that film is odd- my friend saw it and kept repeating bits for weeks. :D

03-04-07, 19:54
It is a true classic - everyone must watch this film at once in their lives (along with Blazing Saddles :tmb:)

03-04-07, 19:56
Has anyone seen this film?

Only about 30 times.

And I'm not kidding.

03-04-07, 19:59
'What was it we had for dinner tonight?'
'It was choice, between steak or fish.'
'Ah, I remember, I had the lasagna'


03-04-07, 20:00
I have this film on DVD! I absolutely adore it!

"Surely you can't be serious!?"
"I am serious... and don't call me Shirley".


EDIT: The girl scouts fighting is the best scene ever! :vlol:

03-04-07, 20:09
"How soon can you land the plane?"
"I can't say."
"You can tell me, I'm a doctor."
"No, I mean I don't know."
"Well can't you take a guess?"
"Well... not at least for another two hours."
"You can't take a guess for another two hours?"
"No, I can't land the plane for another two hours."


Agent 47
03-04-07, 20:49
tis a good classic movie

03-04-07, 21:43
Absolutely love the film!

"What kind of plane is it?"
"Ooooh, it's a big pretty-white-plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels... "


03-04-07, 22:26
I love the 2 Airplane films. Been a long time since I've seen them but the lines always have me in stiches.

04-04-07, 02:08
I have this movie on VHS, but it has really crappy quality. I've never seen the trailer before. That is the best movie probably ever made.

04-04-07, 10:40
"well, what do you make of this?"
"A hat, a brooch, a pterodactyl!"

Yays, this film is great. As Angelus aid, the brownie fight is great. :D

04-04-07, 12:45
I saw the half part of it already and it is nice.:D

Agent Dee
04-04-07, 16:40
if you liked Airplane! you will LOVE The Naked Gun :tea:

one funny as hell entrance :vlol:

opening of part 33 1/3 spoof of Untouchables :vlol: