View Full Version : The Butler!!!

Arron TR
03-04-07, 20:57
Oh does the butler not get on anyones nerves on the older tr games he makes very strange noises :D and shoves a tray into lara breast implants, what was the point in him you cant even get a drink of tea of him and im suprised the tea and stuff hasn't fallen of the tray. And were did he get the army suit from I would love to see his room :D

Hes still a funny classic though

03-04-07, 20:58
Lol... I love Winston! :D He better be locked in the freezer still when I play TRII later... :p

03-04-07, 20:59
He's my favourite enemy :)

03-04-07, 21:00
I love to put him in the freezer so his veins, heart, and that pea brain of his stick solid with frozen blood :mis:

03-04-07, 21:18
Lara nearly gave him a hug on mine, seriously, you need to get all the guns in house, which can be done, and choose the rocket launcher, her arms go all weird and it looks like she wants a hug.

If anyone wants to know how to get all the guns in the mansion just PM me.
Oh, and it only works for PS.