View Full Version : avril best damn thing full album preview!!!!

04-04-07, 01:25
ok here is all the preview songs taken from avril lavignes new album "the best damn thing"
omg if you all thought girlfriend was good wait till you hear the rest and you can really tell her husband from sum 41 has had alot of input on this album. very greenday etc amazing enjoy!!!!


04-04-07, 01:40
Thanks for sharing!! :p I'm gonna go buy new album... Been wanting to forever!

04-04-07, 02:36
np i found it and was like wow i have to share it with the people who havent heard them. also i love your avature gwen rocks im so excited for her new no doubt album its gonna be the best one i think

04-04-07, 02:51
i like the song girlfriend the vid. is so funny it cracks me up everytime i se it

04-04-07, 09:31
Theres loads of media from a concert she did 2 weeks ago that was broadcasted on monday night in canada at www.avrilbandaids.com/forums :D

Thanks for the link, Innoncence is awesome.

04-04-07, 09:35
ooooh im liking the sound of it! the song "the best damn thing" sounds fun :)

Jack Croft
04-04-07, 09:55
Thx Girlfrined is Brill! :D

04-04-07, 13:53
OMG the first four songs all sound exactly the same as each other. And I've heard all these riffs countless times before. Seems a slight shame -- she burst onto the scene with quite a few good tracks, though none of them were written by her.

"The Best Damn Thing" is probably the best of the lot, if only because it seems to offer something in the way of originality. But "Hot" sounds a lot like it also.

I'm not liking this Sum41 influence.

04-04-07, 13:56
I miss the "Sk8er boy" Avril. I found her much more appealing than her current "Pop princess with a bit of punk innuendo" era :(

Clara [CA]
15-04-07, 09:01
Thanks Lita, I just listened to the preview.

I'm not liking this Sum41 influence.
Me neither. Innocence sounds awesome, though.
But I'm not buying the album... :(