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04-04-07, 21:29
These have been online a while, but i donno if anyone posted them, but anyway;

Die Hard


28 Weeks Later


BTW If anyone knows what the Die Hard Trailer musics are id be really appreciative :)

04-04-07, 21:34
Cool, thanks! :tmb:

Is 28 Weeks Later a sequel to 28 Days Later?

04-04-07, 21:35
Cool, thanks! :tmb:

Is 28 Weeks Later a sequel to 28 Days Later?

It sure is, I like the look of it too :jmp:

Mad Tony
04-04-07, 21:40
Die Hard 4 looks awesome. Different, but awesome. Dunno if it'll match up to the previous 3 though.

04-04-07, 21:42
Is 28 Weeks Later a sequel to 28 Days Later?

Yeah. And it's gonna suck. I bet you. :( It's going to be like..

"Hey Frank, this movie was really popular! It made us loads of cash."
"Yeah Jonny, you're right. We should make another one!"
"That's a great idea Frank. Everyone who enjoyed the first one will want to see more."
"Who cares if they like it or not, Jonny? They'll pay to see it."
"You got a point, Frank. Let's spend all our budget on computerised effects and save money by hiring a child as the main character. And we can get a budget script... since most of it will be explosions and zombies, nobody will notice what the actors are saying."
"Brilliant, Jonny."

Ada the Mental
04-04-07, 21:44
Excuse but why....why did they had to make a sequel to 28 Days Later?:hea:
I really enjoyed the first film and I don't think I'm even going to bother with it.

Money-hungry scums...:pi:

04-04-07, 21:49
Meh, sequels are usually rubbish.

It looks like Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

04-04-07, 21:52
Die Hard 4 :D I've been waiting for this for so long :D Love the Die Hard films :D

Yippie Ki Ay Mother****er :D

EDIT: I knew Mad Tony would be here ASAP :p

04-04-07, 21:53
Hmmm I think it looks entertaining, no where near as good as 28 Days Later of course, but still it looks good enough.

Jacob x5
04-04-07, 22:23
Sequels are always so bad and yet so irresistable.

Agent 47
04-04-07, 22:30
Die Hard rules

can't wait for this one :jmp:

04-04-07, 22:32
28 Weeks Later doesn't look as good as the first one, same with Die Hard

04-04-07, 22:33
doesn't look as good as the first one, same with Die Hard

Not as good as the first one of Die Hard? There has been three, which do you prefer?

04-04-07, 22:47
Hmm... I get the feeling that this new Die Hard might have lost some of the charm of the old ones. The thing I loved about 1-3 was that McClane was always an unwilling hero, like every film was him caught in the middle of a really bad day. He seems a bit too gung-ho in this new one. It might just be the way it's edited for the trailer though, I'm still interested to see it :)

04-04-07, 22:50
It will never beat Die Hard 1 and 2.

Die Hard with a Vengence is watered down pap, stripped of the violence that made the first two so gripping and "real". I imagine this new one will be more of the same, only with CGI to make it even more irritating. Plus, there will be any number of annoying and blatantly lazy script decisions, such as the following......

- McClane will say to the film's totty, "Don't worry, I've done this before", probably as he's about to cut the blue wire on the bomb or something.

- Some tough talking police captain will say "McClane!! If you don't buck up your ideas, you're going to find yourself back on traffic duty again!"

- McClane's first big talk with the bad guy will be over walkie-talkie, as it always is.

- McClane will announce "I can't believe this ****'s happening again!" just as he ducks behind a nearby car to save himself from gunfire.

- About halfway through the film, McClane will deduce out of nowhere, that it's not about freeing Mark Chapman, but a robbery, and the Chapman thing was just a diversion, designed so it would fool the whole police force except for McClane.

Predictable as pie.

04-04-07, 22:53
Scottlee, so well said! (so true lol!) 4th movie doesn't seem a die hard movie at all :/

05-04-07, 21:36
Can't wait for DH4!! :jmp: :yah:

05-04-07, 21:40
I thought 28 weeks later looked rather awesome.
I just hope that little boy gets a good biting, her irritates me.

05-04-07, 22:38
28 weeks later looks good, was a good idea to make a sequal too because theres always the thought of what happens now.

05-04-07, 22:42
I thought 28 weeks later looked rather awesome.
I just hope that little boy gets a good biting, her irritates me.

:vlol: The kid never dies in a horror movie!

05-04-07, 22:43
id put money on the fact that die hard 4 will be utter turd cake laced with diorhea (cant spell) sauce.

it will damage the series.

in my opinion die hard: with a vengeance was a good movie but it wasnt a touch on 1 or 2. they should have just left it there, with a trilogy that remains as a group of classics til this very day. Die Hard is still my fave film ever.

but instead theyve opted out into milking their cash cows... what a mistake that'll be

05-04-07, 22:49
:vlol: The kid never dies in a horror movie!

Well maybe it's time to break tradition.

05-04-07, 22:53
Well maybe it's time to break tradition.

Of course, it might be one of the only things that can make 28 Weeks Later different

06-04-07, 01:44
As my mate said, once this film has been seen, I doubt they'll ever be a need to make another movie, ever ahaha.