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04-04-07, 23:29
I am building Lara's Mansion. Naturally, being an AOD fan, I put Kurtis in it. He is in the Von Croy slot. He won't move, he just looks at me. I notice he isn't killable but Lara still aims at him. Is it possible to make her not aim at him? And how do you get him to follow Lara?
Thank You :p

05-04-07, 00:59
I believe that you can change it using TREP.
I had to change it, because I was putting in Winston, but he was in the Demigod 1 slot, not Von Croy's.

05-04-07, 01:01
What's TREP? I have winston in the demigod1 slot too but i was waiting to figure out how to use him...He does move though, in fact I can't get him to stop pushing Lara XD...

05-04-07, 01:34
Um...i don't know about getting him to stop before running into Lara.
TREP is a program that changes the Tomb4.exe file, so that you can change certain things in the game [i.e. Enemies Health, Dispersion of Shotgun shots, etc.]

For me, I stopped using Winston for a bit, because I wanted to work on the geometry of my level before dealing heavily with the objects.
But I believe that if you set the HP value to 49152, it disables auto-targeting for that specific enemy. :)
Here's what the enemy window should look like [unless you change other enemies' values], the arrow points to what the value should be for the Demigod1 slot. [if you set the HP value correctly, it will start flashing]. I also changed the little circle thing next to it to an N, because that means that the enemy will take no effect from weapons.:D [i.e. they won't receive damage, nor will they "ricochet" the bullets]

05-04-07, 01:57
Cool! This may be able to help me! Where do I get it?
Got Kurtis to move. Finally! :jmp: But he stands and looks at the next AI_Follow point like a complete moron. The problem was i didn't have any flipeffect30's. How do I get him to follow freely throughout the level? I don't want him to be confined to any points; just want him to follow Lara around :hea:

05-04-07, 02:22
This (http://trep.croftmanor.de/index.html) is the main page for TREP [Tomb Raider Engine Patcher]. Although, I should say that this program has been reported with having buggy results, so proceed with caution. :mis:

05-04-07, 02:26
I found that page googling TREP, and I downloaded the first thing where it says "TREP itself" and it gave me a .rar file :confused: my computer doesn't seem to know what to do with a .rar file...

05-04-07, 02:38
You need to download WinRAR, I guess. Here's the Download link (http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar37b6.exe) [if you're using a Windows computer]

Also, I suggest that you go through the link that I put in the other post, because that link goes to the official TREP site, because I'm not sure if what you are downloading is TREP for TRLE, or if it is something else random...

05-04-07, 03:20
OK, downloaded both! I think I can use it; I found the box you posted a screen of and made the changes. I then hit apply and about 5 error messages popped up saying to the effect they couldn't find a certain file. No changes appear to be made ingame.
But I was playing around, and I switched Kurtis to the Guide slot. He now holds Lara's leg mesh as his spinney blade weapon. Really quite creepy looking. I'll change him back to Von Croy ASAP.
Anyone know a slot I can put him in where he won't push lara non-stop, yet he is free to follow her around Croft Manor?

dox online
05-04-07, 08:15
WinRAR lasts forever on my trial version

05-04-07, 09:32
Originally posted by dox online
WinRAR lasts forever on my trial version
Mine too! Isn't that weird?

05-04-07, 12:53
Does it actually end? I think it gave up on the trial length... "Just give them the full thing, they're the ones who had to go and download our program. Let's just be nice! :D"

05-04-07, 14:33
Yeah, I'm not nice or considerate enough to buy WinRAR, it can just stay as a trial version. :D

05-04-07, 14:41
if you fix it
can you please post a video.

05-04-07, 14:52
Sure! First I need help though! Also any requests on rooms you'd like to see in the video once i fix it?

Barry Matharoo
05-04-07, 15:00
check this project out

Link (http://www.trsearch.org/Items/126)

remeber one important thing von croy will only attack enemies if the level si in slot 1 like angkor vat in tr4

otherwise he will simple run past by the enemies

05-04-07, 15:10
Not a problem, the only enemy in the level i don't believe he'll be able to get to! Its down through a maze and I didn't notice any swimming animations in his wad file...
And I did already download that; its what made me able to get him to actually move two whole squares. Is he confined though, to standing on the squares with the AI_follow nullmeshes? I'd rather have him move around like the butler did in Lara's homes in TR 2/3. What slot is the Butler supposed to be in?

06-04-07, 16:51
The oddest thing just happened. I changed Lara's outfit and triggered Kurtis and he did exactly what I wanted. (He pushed Lara a bit because his stopping animation is a bit off, but that's OK) He followed me around and then he got stuck in the bathtub :D So I reloaded. He didn't work like that after I reloaded, and I didn't go to roomedit or change anything :confused:

11-04-07, 00:24
if you fix it
can you please post a video.
OK I think I actually got it fixed!! You can't imagine how happy I am! I'll shoot that video, just tell me what rooms you want to see. I believe I have all the rooms except the music room/library that the classic mansion had with extras coughkurtissanctuarycough ;) Please remember though that my mansion is not complete (Need to do lighting, put some more objects in, and build a few more rooms, plus a nice flipmap) but I'll shoot the video, and then you can tell me how to make my level better! :hug: Thanks for the help!!

11-04-07, 15:32
When working with the guide you can make him follow Lara around if you make a flipeffect trigger with a number higher than the last follow_ai nullmesh.

My guess is that this trick also works with Von Croy.

11-04-07, 20:58
I should try that! I just deleted the AIs everywhere and triggered Von Croy then put in a flipeffect30 after that and he worked just fine! His stopping time is a bit off though...:D

12-04-07, 09:17
WinRAR lasts forever on my trial version

Same here :D

24-03-08, 13:00
are you able to stop the butler from pushing lara :confused:

i made a better version of the butler on trsearch with a dieing animation ..

i wanted him in a title flyby so he goes walking round the mansion

25-03-08, 07:25
Would people stop dragging up these OLD threads :cen: