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Agent 47
05-04-07, 12:24
Benefit staff to use lie detector
John Hutton
The software will be tested in job centres later this year
Lie detectors will be used to help root out benefit cheats, Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton has said.

So-called "voice-risk analysis software" will be used by council staff to help identify suspect claims.

It can detect minute changes in a caller's voice which give clues as to when they may be lying.

The technology is already used by the insurance industry to combat fraud and will be trialled by Harrow Council, in north London, from May.

It will be tested on housing and council tax benefit claims first, before being rolled out to job centres later in the year.

Announcing the pilot, Mr Hutton said: "This technology aims to tackle fraudsters while speeding up claims and improving customer service for the honest majority."

Further evidence

The BBC's business reporter John Moylan explained that the system first analyses the characteristics of a caller's "normal" voice to establish a benchmark.

This ensures it takes any natural variation, for example due to nerves or shyness, into account.

The software then looks for changes in voice tone and frequency and performs thousands of mathematical calculations to identify signs that someone could be lying.

Benefits staff can then ask for further evidence to support any suspicious claims.

Callers will hear a standard message before they speak alerting them that the technology is being used.

According to government figures, benefit fraud cost the UK economy about 0.7bn in 2005/06.


welcome one and all to Big Brother UK, what's next retina scans at banks,palm print scanners at home????

bah humbug :mad:

05-04-07, 14:20
I actually think this is a good idea, i know of a few people that are claiming benefits, even though they shouldnt be.
There is no reason why I, a tax payer should have to pay for these lazy ****s who can't be bothered to get off there arse and actually find a job and lie about a fake disabillity so they get more off the government!!

Another Lara
05-04-07, 14:30
I'm claiming job seekers at the mo, and I can assure you I'm not lazy, I a doing all I can to find a job! The Job Centre are pretty good at keeping an eye on me aswell to make sure I am... It feels like being back in school having to give constant reports, but I don't mind doing it if it proves I'm honest and deserve the benefits I'm claiming!
It annoys me though that there are some dishonest people out there who sponge off the government for no reason other than the fact that they can't be bothered to work! I think the lie detector would be a good thing!

05-04-07, 14:32
I don't mind the honest people, I used to be on JSA myself a few years back, but it's these people who rip off the government and think they can get away with it that annoys me

05-04-07, 15:53
Benefits staff can then ask for further evidence to support any suspicious claims.

So all these years such staff haven't been doing all they possibly can to root out fraudulent claims... such checks should be the minimum. In my experience it's possible to claim JSA without providing identification. When I last claimed there were no ID checks whatsoever. All I needed was my National Insurance number.