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05-04-07, 17:50
Why Does [removed].com Come Up As **********.com When You Write It Normally. Was There A Fued Between Forums Or Something? :confused:

dream raider
05-04-07, 17:52
I have no idea. Maybe it's illegal.

Jacob x5
05-04-07, 17:52
Those words are blasphemy! :ton:

In all seriousness, though, I have no idea. :p

05-04-07, 17:54
I think PL has taken things from TRC/TRF without permission or acknowledgement so the website is essentially banned from TRF.

05-04-07, 17:57
That site is banned. The fact the name is censored should've given you a hint that it's not to be discussed. Next time, PM one of the admins if you want to know why a site's URL is censored.