View Full Version : Doors and Puzzles?

agent OOPS
05-04-07, 21:09
How Do u make a door that is linked to a puzzle?
Ive searched the manual and cant find it anywhere!
Plz tell me as it will be a big help to me when i am making my level!

05-04-07, 21:33
Don't just treat the manual as a reference guide. Treat it as if it were a holy bible and do exactly as it tells you from start to finish.

If you really must know, however, you have to place the trigger which opens said door on the same tile as the KEY, SWITCH, etc. trigger, associated with the puzzle.

agent OOPS
05-04-07, 21:42
kl kl tnx
i still refer to it if i need help, but other than that im ok