View Full Version : Wad dowload messed up...

06-04-07, 04:26
I have recently downloaded a wad, problem is... It's items are in the wrong places like flame_emmiter_3 is a gun etc.

How can i rearrange it easily because it is a wad from an earlier game and the flame emitter type objects and camera targets all look the same.

Any help would be appreciated

06-04-07, 08:30
You can't use wads from earlier games in TRLE. Not even if you rearrange the objects. ;)

So you need to take a TR4 wad and add the objects you want from the downloaded wad to it. Animating objects like gunanimations, enemies and such won't work properly in TRLE. (at least most won't)
So if you want to use an enemie from, for example, TR3 you either need to make it compatible yourself or download a converted version from TRSearch Engine.
Luckily many enemies have already been converted. :D

Regular animating objects and static objects are fully compatible.

06-04-07, 09:55
Thanks Titak, as long as i can use the rocket out of Area 51 i'm all good, i think it's an animating object.

06-04-07, 11:46
That object should work in LE if it is indeed an animating object. :D
You can't recreate the big blast though. :(