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06-04-07, 17:52
hello, i am making an atlantis level and i downloaded all the textures but none of them seem to animate such as the fleshy walls and the lava, im clicking on all of them in the animation range window but it doesnt make any difference can anyone help???

06-04-07, 22:55
I actually posted a thread about this earlier, but no one felt the need to respond.
I guess no one knows how to do it *using reverse psychology to get answers :D*

07-04-07, 07:23
In the animation ranges window, when you click on a tile, if it is part of an animation range, all the tiles in the range should be outlined in green. To start out fresh, you need to make sure there are no animation ranges. Click on each tile to see if it is outlined in green. If it is, click Delete Range. Keep going until there are no animation ranges. After that, you can create the animation ranges you need.

07-04-07, 08:34
im clicking on all of them in the animation range window but it doesnt make any difference can anyone help???
Don't click on all of them seperately.
You need to select all the textures at once so the whole bunch of them is outlined in green. Select the textures you want in your animation range by rightclicking and dragging over them.
Check THIS (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=79196) to see how the green outline should look.

So, like aktrekker said, make sure that each texture is not outlined seperately. ;)

07-04-07, 09:30
yaay thank you so much it finally works i dont think they explained it very well in the manual thank you :D

07-04-07, 15:08
But how do you apply the animated textures?

07-04-07, 16:00
Just like you apply regular textures. ;)

07-04-07, 17:31
So you select the animation range in the window, then you click Ok, and then you click on the squares to apply it to...?

08-04-07, 00:42
That's right!

08-04-07, 03:00
But it doesn't apply them for me....:confused:

08-04-07, 03:04
This may sound stupid, but have you turned " face edit" button on?

08-04-07, 03:26
lol, not a stupid question, but yes, I have; that's how I know it isn't working

08-04-07, 04:01
Reasonable enough.Sorry if it sounded bad.
So, you're using Piega's water animation, right?Maybe it needs something else to work, is there a readme?
Anyway, I don't know how long have you been dealing with trle, so that is why I'm doing some 'maybe too obvious questions', ok?In fact, I'm about to make another one:did you press 'toggle opacity 2' before trying to apply them to a portal?

08-04-07, 04:33
It doesn't work with any range that I make...:(
I'm really getting angry about this...

08-04-07, 04:41
Calm down, you'll get it working sooner or later.

Have you tried to load a default texture set and applying a texture?Does this work?

Also, if you're using NGLE, it depends on the project you use:v49 or v50.

08-04-07, 05:22
What's the v49/50?
Mine says v49...

08-04-07, 05:43
I don't use NGLE, but I took this from Paolone homepage:

Resize all textures to 128 x 128 size
To resize all textures you set 64x64 pixel as source and 128x128 as target.
After this remapping your project will become a v50 project (version 50).
In v50 projects the default size for texture is 128 x 128 pixels and it's possibile to have animated texture and sound texture with this size and only this size, 128 x 128 pixel.

08-04-07, 06:00
Close the animated texture window. That is only for creating the animation range. Use the textures on the right side of the main window.

08-04-07, 06:10
@Zig: What does it mean when it says "set 64x64 as source and 128x128 to target"?
@Aktrekker: I know that the animation texture window is only for creating the range, but what do you mean use the textures on the right side of the main window?

08-04-07, 06:33
This is to make the conversion of the texture set using the 'map converter' that comes with NG, then yours will be a v50 prj.

I think aktrekker meant the texture map itself, as if you were choosing a texture and trying to apply it without pressing 'ok' and then closing the animation ranges window.

09-04-07, 11:10
What zig said :)