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07-04-07, 00:19
I am having problems with one part of my level. I need to connect a room to four different rooms on the same wall. It is imperative that I connect it to each separate room, but for, some reason, I cannot connect it to two of the four rooms. I believe this is because you cannot have two doors in one sector. Is there any way to get around this?
Here's a picture of what's happening:
The wall in the back is the part that I'm trying to connect two doors to.
It won't let me connect the doors at the top of the wall, while the bottom part has a door also.

07-04-07, 00:52
Split that one room (the one in the picture) into two rooms, one on top of the other, so each can have a portal into the adjoining rooms.

07-04-07, 00:59
because then the room before this one would have to connect to two rooms...ugh..

07-04-07, 01:40
Oops, you said 4 different rooms...you need to split that big room into 4 rooms stacked on each other and then connect each one to the appropriate room on the other side.

07-04-07, 03:30
No, sry, that wouldn't work, because what I said in my second post is that the room that comes before this one would have to connect to too many rooms.
But the main thing I was needing help with was that some sectors would need to connect to two different rooms, and it isn't letting me..

07-04-07, 07:25
No, only one door is allowed for each sector. The only way to stack doors is to stack rooms.

07-04-07, 07:33
but then everything would be stack... =O ... it'd be pure chaos!!

07-04-07, 08:22
No it won't be chaos.
You just have to be precise in splitting and stacking the rooms. It'll take some time to do the splitting but it will be worth the effort because you can then make the rooms look exactly the way you want them to look. :D

07-04-07, 15:09
It sort of works right, now....it's really odd....
I'll see if I can record what happens if you go thru it..
****, my level stopped working...
These are the errors that, I guess, are stopping it from working:
ERROR: This is not a RoomEdit 24.TOM
ERROR: Object wad version 129, room wad version 0

08-04-07, 05:48
By any chance do you have objects.h in your trle folder?

By any other chance, are you using NGLE?

08-04-07, 14:18
I am using NGLE, and, yes, I have the objects.h file...

09-04-07, 11:12
Sounds like an NGLE problem. There is a thread for that, it might have an answer.