View Full Version : Anyoing problem with the editor...

Zelda master
07-04-07, 16:50
Im having some anoying problems with the engine, i have a wall with is climable but when lara want to go around the egde she starts hanging and i cant control her and after a few seconds she just appairs out of nowhere on the other side of the wall...
and also i placed a monkey swing above a waterroom and whenever lara is hanging above the water she lets go and just does nothing:hea:

anyone knows how to fix this?

07-04-07, 17:06
Ummm...you have to highlight where you want Lara to monkeyswing in the water room too and click the pink button :)

07-04-07, 17:13
1.About the climbable wall, I've seen this many times even in good levels.I think whenever you combine 'climbable walls' and ' shimming situations', you got some problems then.Maybe someone has a fix for this 'bug', but I usually just try avoiding situations where Lara would be forced to go from a climb position to a shimming one or vice-versa, but if you just let go 'action button' and immediatly press it again, sometimes she does what she should.