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07-04-07, 18:01
Since training will appear in the form of hints near the beginning of the actual game, I wonder what purpose the Mansion will serve. Will it still be that relaxing Mini-game you undertake to have a break from the Big Game, or will it play host to some form of training. Do you think they will do what they did in Legend and turn it into a huge scavenger hunt? Or just a place to explore and discover fun things?

What do you think. I really think that they should put alot more attention into the outside of the Mansion, Including Front, Courtyard, Gardens, Trees/Hedges. Even if they dont serve any real purpose the outside should still be huge and beautiful because what makes me coming back to the old Mansion is that it looks really serene and peacefull which was only achieved through the beauty of the house and grounds itself.

07-04-07, 18:03
Well Crystal Dynamics did say that the mansion/manor would serve more purpose than the previous mansion/manor, so maybe they've added riddles and puzzles, like Legend, and it could have training as well.

07-04-07, 18:07
Hopefully this time well be able to choose where we practice instead of having to finish the first level to unlock the ''training'' area in the manor.

Leave the training to the manor imo :)

07-04-07, 18:07
And to make fans happy! :)

07-04-07, 18:13
It's just a fun extra "level" I've always loved the manor/mansion.

07-04-07, 18:14
And to make fans happy! :)

As long as the Front Lawn and Gardens of the Manor are explorable, Then I will be extremely Happy! :)

07-04-07, 18:19
It´s just for fun, i had so much fun exploring the place where Lara lives. The new manor is great, it´s so much like home than the other.:)
And just one more thing, this "3 mansions" thing is about the changes in the games? There is just one Croft mansion.It just got a plastic surgery like Lara through the games.

07-04-07, 18:20
I want the assault course and being able to explore the outside, those were so grand in the classics. :(

07-04-07, 18:21
Does anyone else think that the Front of The Manor should be explorable, I always liked to view the Mansion from the front, it always looked so proud (Geeky I know:))

07-04-07, 18:22
TRIII had the ultimate mansion. It wasn't a training area, it was a world in itself, I still love exploring it to this day. Hopefully Croft Manor in TRA will please me.

07-04-07, 18:23
Im hoping that Croft Manor in TRA will be even betetr than TR3, I really hope CD can deliver on this, but I have faith, the rest of the game looks very nice indeed :)

Tthe Spirit
07-04-07, 18:34
IMo it can be as an extra level, but it should also be the place for training...

07-04-07, 19:39
I want the assault course and being able to explore the outside, those were so grand in the classics. :(

I want this too :( , I loved it!

Edit: Isn't her being at the house the first day she's in the house? If it is then she won't have much outside except boxes all around in her atrium.

07-04-07, 19:54
I want it as a relaxing mini-game.
I always compared it with Hogwarts in Harry Potter, a fun place to go to when you want to change the atmosphere. I enjoyed myself roaming and looking for cards!
And about training, I think they HAVE to put a gym or a swimming pool in! And why not like in Tomb Raider 3 mansion, outside. :D