View Full Version : Lee Evans!

07-04-07, 23:04
I watched a show of his yesterday and it was hilarious lmao, does anyone else like him?

07-04-07, 23:06
I love his humour. I crease up at any of his shows.

07-04-07, 23:07
An absolutely fantastic comedian. :tmb:

Jacob x5
08-04-07, 00:12
Alas, I have not seen his work. The name rings a bell though.

08-04-07, 00:42
Alas, I have not seen his work. The name rings a bell though.

would post a vid but its very rude lol You tube him if you want. Hes really funny

08-04-07, 04:44
I also saw that animation yesterday!!:D

star girl
08-04-07, 09:41
For a second there, I thought "Amy Lee of Evanescence!"

08-04-07, 12:21
im not here to hate, but im not a big fan of his, i just dont get the humour?
i dunno, i do prefer jimmy carr, but im also very sarcastic.
lee evans is great though, practically the whole nation loves him, i only know one over person who doesnt find him funny.

08-04-07, 12:48
I've started watching him on paramount comedy, mainly because he keeps replacing South Park. He's pretty funny. :tmb:

08-04-07, 15:02
yes! hes hilarious!:vlol:
i like the one with the dog wiping its bum across the nilon carpet :p where he looks like the statue of liberty at the end :vlol: