View Full Version : Favorite holiday?

08-04-07, 14:46
Poll requested by Phlip.

08-04-07, 14:48
Voted Normal - to me ANY holiday is welcome :D

08-04-07, 14:49
I was going to choose Christmas, but I prefer normal holidays. :wve:

08-04-07, 14:51
Normal Holidays.
Christmas doesn't bother me too much (Haha, INTEAC).

Ada the Mental
08-04-07, 14:55
Normal AKA summer holidays!We have mid-June-beginnings of September off:yah:

The holiday I hate is the Easter one.Because it's practically not a holiday with all the homework they set us at school.
Of course I usually do it on he very last day but that doesn't mean I can't complain about it!

08-04-07, 14:58
Normal holidays. :D

08-04-07, 15:00
No Halloween? :(

08-04-07, 15:04

08-04-07, 15:08
Christmas :)

08-04-07, 15:09
Christmas. I don't have 'normal' holidays. :p

08-04-07, 15:11
Normal :D

star girl
08-04-07, 15:11
Normies.... :)

08-04-07, 15:13
No Halloween? :(

I wanted to vote Halloween too:( ... but since Halloween wasn't a choice I guess... my birthday:D

08-04-07, 15:16
I voted normal because any day off work is a good day. :)

08-04-07, 15:16

08-04-07, 15:21
Birthday! I just love bringing on a new age, made it past the last one, Now time to take on the new one! I would have chosen new years... but its not there :(

08-04-07, 15:34
Please add Halloween! :D

08-04-07, 15:37
During Christmas, I have the longest holidays... 6 weeks off :D

08-04-07, 15:52
I love the Summer Holidays, beats them all, Christmas holidays are great too, but I also love holidays eg. Cruises so I'll go for normal :)

08-04-07, 16:51
Christmas, I guess. It's just sorta nice. To try and believe in the goodness of mankind just for one day.

da tomb raider!
08-04-07, 16:54
Christmas! :jmp:

08-04-07, 16:54
Normal ones =D

08-04-07, 16:54
Summer vacation. 2˝ months out of school. Gotta love it! So normal holiday for me. I don't like Christmas that much.. too much hastle.

Alex Fly
08-04-07, 16:55
Normal. :wve:

08-04-07, 17:05
What, no Thanksgiving Day?

Heck it's the most perfect day of the year. Football and eating all day, it doesn't get better than that.

08-04-07, 17:20
No Halloween:(
Or Paddies day?:(

08-04-07, 17:21
Birthday - A whole day devoted to you. :)

08-04-07, 17:35
Christmas :)

08-04-07, 17:38

Lara Croft!
08-04-07, 17:44
Βirthday and New Year's Eve!:jmp:

08-04-07, 18:13
Normal. No work for a week or two = bliss. All those other holidays are over before they've even started.

star girl
08-04-07, 19:23
Nobody likes Easter? Or Mothers/Fathers/Valentines DAY? :yik: :eek:

I'm gonna tell all your parents and lovers :p

Legend of Lara
08-04-07, 19:55
Christmas! :D Presents AND a couple weeks off school! :jmp:

08-04-07, 20:14
Thanks misscroft :)

I voted Christmas, I just love the spirit of christmas, all the traditions and adverts advertising Christmas dinners/preasents :hug:

the hooliganz
08-04-07, 20:16
i just hate it when i have the wrong vote, i voted valentine's day, when i was supposed to vote normal holidays, could someone change that

08-04-07, 20:21
:confused: What question so difficult!! really, I don't know
Years ago, evidently, summer holidays. 3 months doing the hooligan LOL :cln:

08-04-07, 20:47
I enjoy getting a day off of work. But as far as individual holidays go, I hate them all! Each and every single one of them, I hate for its own reasons. I celebrate, recognize, participate in, waste my time with; absolutely no holidays.

Ward Dragon
09-04-07, 01:43
Please add Halloween! :D

Yes, please add Halloween :D *starts singing the Nightmare Before Christmas theme song "This is Halloween" *

09-04-07, 02:01
i just hate it when i have the wrong vote, i voted valentine's day, when i was supposed to vote normal holidays, could someone change that

:rolleyes: Be more careful.

Christmas for me. Also, Winter is my favourite season.

HaZe Raider
09-04-07, 02:05
I didn't vote because none of those holiday's really apply to me. My jobs always involve wierd shifts. I have worked on my birthday, I have worked on Christmas, I have worked on Halloween, and it's easter now and I'm still at work. I don't even know what weekends are and I work in nights and day LOL :tea:

Oh and I never celebrated valentines before and I don't get along with my parents so you can imagine what I have to say about Mother's/Father's Day. :cen:

Sorry for the rant LOL.

But I like this poll so I wish it said 'Halloween' because I look forward to that holiday every year. I love dressing up for halloween. :ton: And I don't grow up so I always will love it.

09-04-07, 02:08
Yes, please add Halloween :D *starts singing the Nightmare Before Christmas theme song "This is Halloween" *

You do release I will start singing that song. XD

09-04-07, 02:08
same here HAze. My b\day coming this may and it will be spoiled again i bet.

09-04-07, 03:03
Christmas ftw! :yah:

Yuna´s Wish
09-04-07, 03:32
Normal Holidays :)

09-04-07, 03:39
Holloween would've been my pick... but since it's not there. I chose my birthday... even though most people's birthdays are not on holidays, mine is during Thanksgiving. :)

09-04-07, 03:51
Sorry but this poll is retarded because it discriminates since it doesn't include all possible holidays different cultures may have.

but i voted for my birthday, because one's birthday should be one's most important time of the year :p

09-04-07, 05:27
one's birthday should be one's most important time of the year

But what about like, the birth of christ, or whatever it is that your religion celebrates, unless you are unaffiliated then,... Happy birthday! idk...:D

09-04-07, 14:03
I love Christmas!!

09-04-07, 14:16
Normal holiday.:D Don't care which one, as long as I'm free from school.:jmp:

09-04-07, 14:17
No Halloween? :(

:yik: I forgot lmao.