View Full Version : YOOOHOO... elen?!

08-04-07, 17:23
Have YOU seen her? I cannot seem to get ahold of her! lol I've been requesting for an avatar change

Haha :rolleyes:

08-04-07, 17:24
No, I have requested an avatar 4 days ago.
I don't know where she is. :confused:

08-04-07, 17:24
I'm sure she'll change it when she has the time. ELEN is a busy lady, you know.

08-04-07, 17:28
Send her an e-mail or a private message, don't start a thread about it just because she doesn't answer right away. If you’ve done that, she will change it eventually. Just be patient.

08-04-07, 17:28
Your attention please

I'll be away from the forum for some days (starting from Friday night) because I have to deal with some things regarding my internet connection. I'll install a new line, which will give me faster internet. I'll try to come online from another PC, which has ADSL connection, so keep sending me your outfits. It will just take a bit longer until I upload them, because I don't have a direct access to that PC.

From what they told me, they will need 10-30 days until they fix my line. I hope it won't take more than 15 days, but you never know.


Hybrid Soldier
08-04-07, 17:31
This is going to be locked soon.

Anyways, have you heard of patience? People do have lives away from the computer. :)