View Full Version : Red Alert...BIG PROBLEM!!

21-09-02, 20:34
I have a BIG problem, im in red alert stage, but i havnt any ammo.

What can i do?

Please help me.

Im on the fire stairs.

:eek: :(

21-09-02, 21:12
If you don't have any ammo, it means that you was not careful before... You spent them all??? Ok, continue with the level, maybe you'll find some. If not, refer to the forum again. We will do something about it... ;)

21-09-02, 21:17
i spent them all. Sorry http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

What can i do? i try a lot of times to pass the fire stairs, but the laser man kill me all of them.

Come on, help me. PLEASEEEE!!! ;)

Croft Security
21-09-02, 22:47
About all you can do is go back to an earlier save. Shortage of ammo is not the only problem in Red Alert. The level is chuck full of bugs. I'm in the room where the two guys repel from the ceiling on ropes, firing at Lara, and I can't get them to come down. Without those ropes, I can't get to the next section. First it was the elevator doors not opening, and now this. What a joke.

21-09-02, 23:24
i cant do that because a dont have ammo since 13th floor.

Elen, Please tell me what can i do



22-09-02, 01:57
Ok ccc... Calm down... Can you send me a savegame? (elenh_gr@hotmail.com). I hope you are playing the PC version... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif