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08-04-07, 20:27
I know this may be a bit stupid to ask, but i was curious as to what the difference is between a PC-CD and a PC-DVD. Because Anniversary is coming out on a PC-DVD, is that different than a regular PC game?? I must sound like a complete idiot...lol, but i am curious to know.



08-04-07, 20:29
PC-CD uses a regular CD
PC-DVD uses a DVD

08-04-07, 20:30
you need a dvd drive in order to play a pc-dvd. If you cant play dvds on your pc then you cant play pc-dvds either

09-04-07, 00:13
LOL, i kind of got that idea. But what is the difference performance wise, what does the DVD do that the CD doesn't. Does the DVD play off the disc instead of relying on the hard drive, or does it have more to do with the movies and the quality of the visuals.

09-04-07, 00:26
It's all a matter of space... a cd holds something like 750mb a DVD can take 4.70gb or even 8gb... so with more space, everything gets better quality...

09-04-07, 05:37
yea, like seth777 said, you will get better quality if you go for, and are able to use, the PC-DVD version. I suggest you get that one, unless your computer is very sluggish.