View Full Version : Combining Outfits

09-04-07, 00:54
I found an outfit I like (the AOD one from Paris). I also found some really nice hair, where she has it in a bun. Is there any way to combine the hair and the outfit? I tried using WADmerger and copying over everything but the hair from the AOD outfit and then just copying over the hair from the other outfit. Unfortunately, tomb2pc crashes everytime I output my wad now. Help please?

09-04-07, 19:31
Did they work before you've combined them?

09-04-07, 19:34
Just replace the headmeshes with strpix3

10-04-07, 00:06
OK 1) the jeans outfit didn't work. It worked on a previous level, but I found the camo outfit and it looks good too (and it works ;))
2) I like lara's goth makeup with this outfit and her bangs. Do I have to replace the head with stripix? is that the only way? And if so is there a tutorial I can go to to figure out how to import new heads? :D thanks!