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09-04-07, 11:59
I never understood Margot Carvier's level...the only thing I actually liked about it was that she had a nice fish tank, and that was it! Everything else was just useless. Lara spent a long 500 years talking to Carvier trying to ask for help, yet she says "I'm not sure if I killed Von Croy or not...but even if I did I'm still going to run from the police and do whatever it takes [eg kill innocent security guards] to make sure this game completely tangles to complete nonsense! Sure, the only thing that'll happen when I talk to the police is that they'll interview me. But I'm going to treat it like a big deal and that the moment they see me is the rise of Apocalypse!!!!"

Ok Lara...so you want a old lady's help and you screw up the conversation completely. Smooth... Then Carvier just leaves her apartment and leaves you to be arrested by the police. Brilliant! This now sets the stage for Lara's next awful act.

You have about 40 seconds to loot everything available in her apartment. The only things that seem to be of use are: An old bottle of vintage, a diamond ring and some health pills. Sadly you can't loot her table, cushions, fish tank or desk pens because Lara doesn't classify them as pickups. So pretty much 80% of the level is in a boring conversation where Lara messes up anyway, and the 15% of it is finding 'useful' items in her apartment and running away. The 5% of it is spent watching Lara run away. Why didn't Lara take the police car with her to help her escape, I have no idea.

To sum it up, Carvier's Apartment isn't even considered a "level" in my books. But there is a thread that asks what everyone's most boring level is, and Carvier gets my vote. I'm actually broken in between Carvier's Apartment and Deepsea Dive. At least Deepsea Dive had some sort of action in it.

Alright, that's quite a lot of text up there! And usually my 'Things in TR' threads are mostly made up of pictures and not Humble words from the Great Cho. So let's get on with the subject shall we?

Carvier's Apartment made more fun. That's right, we got some tickets to a VIP backstage pass area where we can do something to make this level a tad more entertaining. That means the talking level is now reduced to 60% and now we can spend 40% of the level doing something!

Ah, Photobucket has my images ready!


The :cen: leaves us to be arrested by the police, and sooner or later they arrive. They're expecting me to come out from that door...but little to they know what's behind them!


Let's kick the first guy's butt.





The second officer doesn't seem to notice that I've just brutally murdered his friend, even though it made one hell of a racket. Nevertheless we must be careful. OMG STEALTH MODE IS ACTUALLY USEFUL IN THE GAME FOR ONCE


FREEZE! I've got you now Chump, so you put that gun down or else I'll shoot you!


I SAID PUT THE FRIGGING GUN DOWN!!! Are you DEAF? I'll shoot you in the eyeballs if you don't put it down. Um...HELLO sarge are you even listening to me?




Seems like this one's a tougher cookie to take down. Even a kick doesn't get his attention. Is he like, the worse police officer ever since he's lost all of his senses, or is he pure genius because he can easily annoy the criminals with his immortal, emotionless act?


By the lords, even a STUN gun doesn't work! Just look at him, acting like nothing's happening. He's an even bigger jerk than Kurtis, Gunderson, Tony and Willard combined!


Time to set the gun from stun mode to KILL mode!


Finally he's dead...let's hope he doesn't wake up! So now that both officers are dead, are they going to dispatch any more officers or what? This IS the mass-murdering Monstrum [well at least they think] that they're dealing with! You'd think they'd actually have more police force dealing with one who has murdered hundreds of people.


Anyway, time to leave this sick place...


[too bad this place couldn't be used to hold a disco. Oh well, there's Le Serpent Rouge next]


Say goodbye to Carvier's Apartment....


Free at last!!! (again)

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hahahha :vlol: very good:tmb::jmp: :jmp:

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:D One of your best.

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As You Know, I've Did This Also, But I'm Baffelled How You Got Lara's Super-Jump So Early, Even With Game Coding!? :confused:

Alex Fly
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Lmao !!! I'm fan of your threads !! :D

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Thank you all for the replies. :D

RockSteady, using the SCU lets Lara have all the maximum upgrades in all her levels. So you don't need to go through getting upgrades just to make it to a certain jump.

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Lol :D great I love it!!!

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yay more chocolate funness! :hug: :D

Tomb Raider Master
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Brilliant, just brilliant! :vlol: I admire your imagination. :tmb:

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Hehe! Genious!

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:D :vlol: :tmb:

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Excellent! :tmb:
It's amazing that you can actually kill those two police officers (I assume that you actually did that, and that it's not just some creative editing on your part :whi:).

Humble words from the Great ChoBe careful - The Great Chi might sue you for copyright infringement. :ton:

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Lol! I did the same a few days ago! :D

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how do you do it?
Position Editor?

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:vlol: Great stuff!:tmb:

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You, Chocky are so nominated for member of the year! ;) I love your work!

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lol! Hey, but how did you that?

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With the SCU and with the flight cheat :) You can get it from everywhere ;)

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:vlol: Definitely one of your best! :tmb:

Well done! :D

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:vlol: Definitely one of your best! :tmb:

Well done! :D
Why do I get deja vu when I read your post? Odd.. I have the feeling you already posted that!

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Oh my god!! ROLF!!
This is awesome! :vlol:
How did you do it!!! :D ???

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That is so funny! :vlol: Can't we have Eckhardt meeting room scene?:D

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very funny:D

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Lmao !!! I'm fan of your threads !! :D

Me too!!!

I just love these. I cracked up HARD when you were like FREEZE and then the guy didn't listen and then you were like hello and then you went bang bang, and kick, punch, boom, smack. That cop must have been in Police Academy ;)