View Full Version : TR Soundtrack Collection Downlaod!

09-04-07, 19:10
[ Removed. This is not an official release. Eidos does not endorse this web site in any capacity, nor has Eidos given them permission to put this material online. Feel free to confirm that with Eidos London. tlr. ]

09-04-07, 19:13
It wont let me go on it .... :( is it illeagal ....???

09-04-07, 19:14
It shouldn't be. It was a link from the site direcly... but it wont let me post the website... :hea:

I dont know what's going on. :confused:

Let me try again

09-04-07, 19:21
I looked in the ummm terms and conditions and it says stuff can be replaced with asterists have a look what it said i can't remember