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09-04-07, 21:27

The "Mean Girls" star - whose mother Dina recently compared her to the late princess because she is so harassed by the paparazzi - is a big fan of Diana and would love to portray her in a movie.

Lindsay told In Touch Weekly magazine: "It would be fantastic to play her. She gave back a lot and was such an amazing woman."

The 20-year-old actress - who left rehab last month after being treated for alcoholism - is also planning to follow in the princess' footsteps by doing some charity work.

She said: "I'm going to Japan soon with my friend Charlotte Ronson, who's a designer, and I'm researching some charity work that I can do and visit some orphanages."

SOURCE (http://news.celebritywonder.com/2007/04/05/Lohan_Wants_Princess_Role.html)

Oh. My. God.


09-04-07, 21:28
1. Princess Diana didn't got to rehab
2. A slut shouldn't play her
3. Its wrong for her too

She does my head in!

09-04-07, 21:30
LOL, Lindsay as Princess Diana! :vlol:

Tomb Raider 5194
09-04-07, 21:32
But she doesnt look anything like Diana, and the role would not suit her at all (IMO).

09-04-07, 21:33
Anyone portraying Princess Di needs something called 'class', too. :rolleyes:

09-04-07, 21:34
Her as Princess Diana? :vlol: Bored now.

Tomb Raider Master
09-04-07, 21:35
Oh, come on now...

09-04-07, 21:36
Anyone portraying Princess Di needs something called 'class', too. :rolleyes:

Lmao yeah true.

09-04-07, 21:44
Her as a Princess...yeah righto...my brother could make a better princess.

09-04-07, 21:47
Oh comon, give her that role! :vlol:

09-04-07, 22:20
I dont think anyone should be compared to Princess Diana, especcially not someone who hangs around with Paris Hilton and has just come out of Rehab.

10-04-07, 02:02
Hmm... It could help her clean her look up alittle :) I'm not a fan of hers at all... but who knows this could be the role that sets her back in the right lane again.

Hmm Didn't paris once say she wanted to play mother teresa in a movie?

10-04-07, 02:50
:vlol: (It's all I can add on the matter)

Hmm Didn't paris once say she wanted to play mother teresa in a movie?

Unless Mother Teresa worked in a Strip Club when she was young or she died from an overdose of cocaine and we didn't know it, she's not suitabe for a role like that.
Heck, she's not suitable for anything that hasn't a XXX in the title!

10-04-07, 03:02
Pfft Like she doesn't already have everything:rolleyes:

She's trying to do the, trek around the world, grab a random kid, sling it on a truck and drive it home. Madonna's seen it, Angelina's done it, I've got the lousy T-shirt.

10-04-07, 05:32
Shhhhhh... if you listen really colse you can hear Princess Di turning in her grave.

Seriously though, why?

10-04-07, 09:23
I don't think she has what it takes to pull it off. Especially with her reputation, no one's going to get over that.

10-04-07, 10:36
Oh Lindsay, puh-leez...:rolleyes: