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Lara Coft Baby
09-04-07, 22:09
I am so excited I finally got their new CD ten thousand fist today. I first went looking for it at the beginning of January. When I went to spend my christmas money. But Wal-Mart didnt have it, so we went to a different wal-mart in a different area. They didnt have it either, the funny thing the site said they had it in stock. But it wasnt on their shelves, I hate wal-mart. The the saturday before last we went to wal-mart to get a few things. They still didnt have it. Then we had to go to target they didnt have it either.

I was going to get it this past saturday when my mom went to the store to get food. But she said we would do it monday. Cause my mom gose every other week and we had to have to buggies :cln: Anyways, we went to Target again to get a few things. I almost didnt see the CD cause they had the "The Sickness" album in front and the "Ten Thousand Fist" Behind it. Now all I have to get is their second album "Believe" But I cant get it cause of whats on the cover.

Cause a few years back I was on a fan website for them. And my mom saw their symbol and she freaked out. She said it was the sign of the devil. And thats the sign they have on their believe album. And I've told my mom their a good band they dont sing any thing bad (Ok I know they say bad words but if I told my mom that she wouldnt have alowed me to get their CD's.)

But I had a friend burn her album she had and I made a CD of it. :p So either way I sort of have the album and I even have all of their rare songs too. :jmp: Anyways to make a long story short I AM SO EXCITED!! I FINALLY HAVE THEIR CD!! WOOOOOHHH!! :vlol: I love them their like the best band ever. Their one of of obsessions them and Tomb Raider of course. I am as obsessed with Disturbed and Tomb Raider as I am with Orlando Bloom and I am sure every one already knows how obsessed I am with Orlando Bloom :vlol:

Any who, I just thought I would shear that little story. :ton: Thanks for listening :cln:

*EDIT* Oh BTW This is the Believed Album I am talking about that my mom probably will freak out if she saw it. I try to tell her their a good bad their just hardcore :p