View Full Version : The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost!

10-04-07, 00:24
They are real people and if you don't except Him as your Lord I am sad to say you will be punished.

Here is a TRUE STORY about a freind...

He met this Muslum and he never believed in God. Him and his wife and kids were poor and needed money so he worked as a guard for something not sure what it was...yep slipt my mind, anyway Justin (friend) gave him a bible, a week or two the man was saved (meaning excepted Christ) and within two to three weeks he died. If he hadn't asked God into his heart he wouldv'e died and wen't o Hell.

Tell me if that isn't amazing.

10-04-07, 00:26
Thanks, but keep your preaching to the Religion thread we've already got going.