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Zelda master
10-04-07, 13:13
Im trying to get the Horizontale pole now for a while but thanx to nowid50 i downloaded the Last Saga4 but now im kinda stuck...
I dont know with item is the pole nor do i know wich animations i have copy into my own WAD... anyone that can help me?

10-04-07, 13:27
The pole have to be copied into the polerope slot, means you can either have the polerope or the horizontale rope. Not both.

Then you have to ripp the anim from a Lara and overwrite the polerope anim from your Lara.

Zelda master
10-04-07, 13:38
Thanx i didn't know how the pole was called:D
but with number is the polerope animation(s)?

10-04-07, 13:45
329/330 :)

kill bill
10-04-07, 13:48
It will get messed up if you dont copy tomos lara object. So copy his one to yr wad.:) If you just copy anims lara will end up doing the pole climb anims;)

10-04-07, 13:50
Not if he overwrite the old polerope animation.
And if he is using already some custom animations, he have to use the method with overwriting the old animations. ;)

kill bill
10-04-07, 13:52
I tryied what you told zelda master and it dosen't work becuase when you let go.;) she tryies to get over the pole;)

Zelda master
10-04-07, 14:45
Ill try both mothods in that case;)

10-04-07, 23:18
yes, Lara just keeps swinging around and around the pole.
You will have to copy everything I think, such as the "next anim" "state ID" ect. Probably not the frame rate however.

Zelda master
11-04-07, 15:22
I coped the whole Lara object and the game just starts acting like hell strange the game crashes so i impoted the old Lara back and it works again:(
how do i get those animations working?:(