View Full Version : anyone know a good program to mix music legal

10-04-07, 16:02
hi I want to try dj:ing in my spare time but i dont know where to find a program that allows me to split the lyrics/vocals from the back music, I dont know if this is possible though, I just thought it might be since i hear remixes all the time on the radio. I hope you understand what I mean by this.

any solutions or tips??

i was planning to mix different songs etc.

happy april

10-04-07, 16:06
It's not possible. The remixes you hear on the radio are done from master tapes.

10-04-07, 16:12
so i cant fade out one part of a song and ad another below and tune out a part of that to either. so radiostation gets mastertapes o bugger. there is no way around that?
i know about the copyright laws but for private use no?

10-04-07, 16:13
There is a program called "Acid Rain" which many budding/amature Djs use to horne their skills. It will cost you though.

10-04-07, 16:15
... so radiostation gets mastertapes ...No, the person (DJ - ugh, such a stupid name) who does the mix gets the master tapes so they can do the mix.

10-04-07, 16:47
soo how do Disc jockey amatuers get started in the first place if its not possible for the average man/woman?